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Elexus Lopez for (CNT) City News and Talk #reviews-all

Insecure is a series created by female protagonist Issa Rae and writer Larry Filmore. This HBO show parades the main characters, Issa and Molly. Two best friends in their 20’s living in the Los Angeles area, which is so rapidly getting gentrified. Issa is part of the non-profit world, trying to make a difference in underprivileged youths’ lives, which she starts to question if she’s even doing anything with it. Molly is a prosperous corporate attorney who doesn’t have any trouble in her career but struggles in the love-life department. The series follows Issa as she tries to make sure her long term boyfriend Lawrence can make her happy still and build a future together. Issa starts to question if the relationship is meant for them, considering Lawrence is jobless and yet to figure out what he is doing while Issa takes care of them. The series highlights awkward experiences and internal struggles that seem to vanish rarely. Along with that, Issa and Molly are two women of color trying to find a way to thrive in a world where minorities are often looked over or have to work 10x harder for an opportunity. The series debuts a lot of eclectic music, including emerging artists of color of all genres. The soundtrack alone will have you reeled in as they make perfect sense in every scene as Issa herself creates the score. Insecure tackles cultural and racial issues that correlate to the modern-day black experience.

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