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Madison Grey for (CNT) City News and Talk #reviews-all

As an avid home cook with my own baking business, and certified FOODIE, I am a sucker for a good cooking show, especially when it has a competition element. I grew up watching Top Chef and Iron Chef with my parents, and have been chasing that nostalgia ever since with shows like Sugar Rush, The Final Table, The Great British Bake Off, and Chopped. Needless to say, I was incredibly excited when I saw a new, creative, cooking competition on Netflix: Best Leftovers Ever! I myself am super aware of food waste, and try to limit it in my house. For example, all my veggie scraps go into a freezer bag for broth(s) later! This show seemed truly up my ally, and did not dissapoint. The show is hosted by the energetic Jackie Tohn, with judges Rosemary Shrager (the cut throat British chef) and David So (the goofy, social media foodie). They have a really entertaining dynamic as they evaluate three home chefs over the course of two rounds, choosing a winner of $10,000 each episode. In the first round, chefs are given four leftovers of one theme, such as healthy leftovers or gameday leftovers, to transform into another theme like brunch food! The judges critique them, and give them advice for the next round. Taste, plating, creativity, and the number of leftovers used are all taken into consideration. In round two, contestants are randomly given a meal from Jackie’s fridge to transform into something fancy. For example, in one episode, fast food items like a burger, fried fish, and chicken tenders (all with fries) were each given to a contestant at random. The winner is chosen from the performance in both rounds! It is a light hearted, mouthwatering show, bursting with energy, creativity, and laughs. Maybe one day you will see me on it too!

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